A downloadable game for Windows

My Ludum Dare 29 game


The main character has just been laid off from his job, and has absolutely no savings to survive on. To make matters worse, he's got mountains of student loan and credit card debt bearing down on him, and if he doesn't act fast, he'll lose everything! But just when he's ready to hit the couch and drown in his own misery, he hears something interesting on the news: 

"Researchers have recently discovered a field of ancient shipwrecks deep in the sea to the east. These ruins are thought to contain a vast amount of very valuable treasure..."

Eureka! Job searching all day, deep-sea diving all night it is! That'll keep his books balanced!

-Use the arrow keys to move your sub.
-You have from 9:00PM to 5:00AM nightly to pay off your debt.
-Collect coins and gems to help pay off your debt!
-The deeper you dive, the darker and more dangerous it gets. But the further down you go, the better the treasure!
-Watch your air meter. If it hits zero, you'll start losing health. Refill your air by going to the surface or collecting treasure encased in bubbles.
-You can restore a small amount of health by collecting coins.
-The challenge increases as the days pass.

NOTE: The game ends on the 30th night. I didn't have the time to add in a real ending. Just know that the main character finally finds a new job the next day.

Too bad I didn't have the time to draw the shipwrecks and ruins on the sea floor... there's a lot I wish I could have done, but for 72 hours I'm pretty happy with the result. 


Debt Diver-Default- .zip 2 MB